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Even if they are only observations from a single white female with no security and suffering protestor fatigue. Then two women grabbed me and told me not to make this about the mosque, not to make this a Muslim issue. Within twelve hours of my landing in Sweden, an asylum centre was burned down, arson suspected; a hand grenade was planted in a bin, either for the police or the mosque; and another hand grenade exploding, injuring one in Malmö.And I've found it all here in plain sight for anyone to see or hear – if they’re listening. This was about the police — nothing to do with migrants. Whether this noisy stuff matters or not is open to debate. I am in utter disbelief that this is Sweden in the 21st century, a country idolised for its ultra-advanced ideals.When Trump turned the world's attention to Sweden by clumsily referring to the effects of mass-migration on what used to be seen as the most liberal country on earth, the country was ready and waiting to blow.He provided the touch-paper to the explosive mixture of thousands of bored young migrants who were born into fighting and have brought the battle with them. That reminds me, there's a girl sitting outside in a bikini, could someone let her inside and give her a jumper? Tell you what though, you're a lucky man, she's a great kisser. Tony just asked me what I would do if a man came into my bedroom and I said it depends. Rape statistics were shared and widely interpreted: either Stockholm was 'the rape capital of Europe', or the increase in sexual assaults was a mere statistical anomaly and look, if you turn the graph on its side you will see the numbers are actually falling.But in a world of polarised news, there still have to be some truths waiting to be told.

Worried about by their children, too worried to tell their own mums. Swedish women reaching out by email, by letter, to quietly show me what has become of their country.Other reports filed quietly away in a box marked unmentionable: the rape of a 12-year-old unaccompanied immigrant by a so called fellow 'unaccompanied minor' immigrant who later bragged he was 45.I felt for these ladies, comfortable in each other's company here, but horribly alone at home. Saddened that in a country so proud of women's rights, that leads the way on maternity and female equality, pockets of life like this exist.Only four speak Swedish; the rest still rely on their Arabic tongue. Where women of all religions and colour are trapped in their home by fear.

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