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Society will try to tell you that you’re wrong for being openly sexual or even wanting sex at all.

If you’re not confident, you don’t look good to women. You can have all the muscles in the world but, if you lack confidence and are needy for attention, love or affection, women will not find you attractive.Most men wishing for a girl who wants to have sex all day will probably get tired (and chafed) quick, no matter how much they brag to their dude friends. Either way, we have no problem being open about our sexual appetite, and we know what we want. All of your friends have SO unoriginally deemed you the “Samantha of the group” and think your sex life is just always giving your friends sex advice and telling them to new things to try in bed.And when you become the Samantha of the group, that can often lead to slut-shaming, which is so not cool.

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