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By contrast, the share of all adults who have entered into marriage even once has fallen markedly, from 85% in 1960 to 70% in 2013.Many previously married adults have already said “I do” again.Older adults have become ever more likely to remarry, perhaps due in part to a desire to have a fulfilling relationship in their lengthening golden years, as life expectancies have increased.

It is based upon data from the Decennial Census, as well as the American Community Survey, and examines the likelihood of remarriage for different groups.However, this gender gap has narrowed over time because men are now less likely to remarry than in the past, while women are more likely to do so.In 1960, 70% of previously married men had remarried, compared with 48% of previously married women.Combined, these two trends have created a larger pool of people who can potentially remarry. Among adults who are presently married, roughly a quarter (23%) have been married before, compared with 13% in 1960.A close look at the census data suggests another important trend: Even as marriage itself is in decline in the U.

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