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The Hal Lindseys of the world cash their checks before anybody has the time to scrutinize their theories. And what surfaced is far worse than the usual sex or money scandals that embarrass so many professional men of God.

In this case, the overwhelming scholarly consensus is that Daniel was written It made me wonder what else Dr. Not that Ravi Zacharias is squeaky clean in the boy/girl department.

In the summer of 2015, I sought comment from his ministry about this troubling finding.

They ignored me, but quickly removed the bogus claim from his website bio. He claims to have studied “quantum physics” at the university and he refers to the Cambridge physicist John Polkinghorne as “my professor in quantum physics.” But it turns out that Dr.

What about the fact that he had been a “visiting scholar at Cambridge University”? Ridley is in the town of Cambridge, England, and has affiliations with the University of Cambridge, as, say, Babcock College has with Harvard. While at Ridley, Ravi attended lectures and classes at the University.

He converted this into the impressive claim that he had been invited to be a “visiting scholar at Cambridge University.” I filed several Freedom of Information requests with Cambridge and learned that attending classes at the University while on sabbatical at Ridley Hall would not make one a Cambridge “visiting scholar.” Ravi Zacharias, it turns out, had never been a visiting scholar at their university.

But Ravi Zacharias has never so much as enrolled in a graduate level academic program, much less completed a doctoral program.

Would Ravi Zacharias force me to adjust my atheist worldview? I should know by now that, for every 30 seconds it takes a Christian apologist to make a “fulfilled prophecy” claim, it takes a few hours of tedious research to see that it is probably bogus.

That’s just the way extravagant prophetic claims work. Ravi Zacharias, it turned out, has been less than honest about a great many things.

Ravi seems addicted to adulation and the phony credentials get him his fix. He tells us it was not because he was depressed or impulsive, but because success eluded him.

“Everyone around me had success, but no matter how deeply I searched my life for a shred of it, all I saw was failure.” Thus, we may conjecture, Ravi Zacharias needed adulation more than religion.

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