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Ebooks und Videos Um Ihnen die tägliche Arbeit als Trader oder Analyst zu erleichtern, stellen wir Ihnen an dieser Stelle vorgefertigte Arbeitsbereiche zur Verfügung.

Diese können Sie gleich nach dem Download nutzen und bei Bedarf individuell anpassen.

Back Color Daily (BACKD) indicator The BACKD indicator will color the background of a sub-chart in two alternating colors, according to the day of the shown bars.

This is of most use in an intra-day chart, to easily visualize day transitions.

This differs from a normal moving average which plots the average over a number of recent consecutive bars.

This indicator is most often used on a volume indicator.

Updated Strategy Drawdown indicator The strategy drawdown indicator now has three new properties, "Show Drawdown As Positive Values" (that inverts the plotted values since now it is shown as a negative value), "Calculation", which generates either absolute or percentage values for drawdown, and "Source", which allows the user to select which type type of drawdown to plot (Parent Drawdown, Parent Intraday Drawdown, Global Drawdown or Global Intraday Drawdown).

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Active subscribers of Spreadsheet Gear can download this hotfix from the Licensed Users Downloads page.The property can also be set to "False", in which case trades will be based solely on exits (for example and exit that exits two entries would be a single trade).In prior versions, the latter option was standard, and will remain set in any pre-existing workspaces.Arc GIS General: Arc GISDAnalystDAnalyst: Arc GIS\Arc GISCommon Files: Arc GIS\Beagle Graphicc: Arc GIS\Cadastral\Cadastral UI: Arc GIS\Catalog: Arc GIS\Catalog\Catalog UI\CAD: Arc GIS\Catalog\Catalog UI\Core: Arc GIS\Catalog\Catalog UI\Metadata\Editor: Arc GIS\Controls: Arc GIS\Data Sources: Arc GIS\Editor: Arc GIS\Framework : Arc GIS\Geo Analyst: Arc GIS\Geoprocessing: Arc GIS\Geo Statistics: Arc GIS\Globe: Arc GIS\Graphics Pipeline: Arc GIS\Map Arc GIS\Network Analyst: Arc GIS\Schematics: Arc GIS\Search: Arc GIS\System: Arc GIS\Tracking: No Mobile specific issues. Spreadsheet Gear 2017 adds a new Spreadsheet Gear for .

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