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That could mean building a 3D model with the new Paint 3D app or kicking off a livestream of your favorite PC game.It's not like you couldn't do these things in Windows before, but now it's easier than ever.If you've used Paint before, you'll be familiar with some of them: The brushes include markers, pencils and crayons.This time around, though, you can also give them matte and metal sheens. The 3D models include a man, woman, dog and cat by default, but you can also add more from Remix 3D.Clearly, Microsoft didn't waste any time integrating Beam's broadcasting tech after snapping it up last summer.

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If you've used a Windows machine before, there's a good chance you've sketched out something in Paint, only to have it sit in obscurity on your hard drive.By having a way to quickly share creations as well as bring in art from others, Microsoft is also hoping to spark a bit more creativity among Paint 3D users.It's easy enough to search for new items from Remix 3D within Paint 3D, but there's also a Pinterest-like website for you to browse community submissions (you can even manipulate items in 3D within Edge).I didn't think much of Paint 3D at first, but my mind changed the instant I overlaid a leafy texture on top of a 3D cat.That's the sort of thing you previously needed pricey and complex 3D-modeling software to do -- now it's a free part of Windows 10 that's simple enough for kids to use.

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