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There’s nothing more annoying than sitting in the car waiting for the device to find where you are.

Particularly, when you’ve only just loaded the kids into the car and they have already asked “when are we going to get there” a dozen times already!

Thankfully today it’s becoming more common to get World Maps as part of the package.

There may be an additional cost for these ‘extra’ maps however, it will future proof your device and enable you to drive anywhere in the world.

It’s also worth considering how quickly the sat nav finds enough satellites to get a lock onto your position.In my experience, the interface of the Garmin is more intuitive and easier to use.The graphics and onscreen icons are clear and easy to understand – exactly what is required when your driving those busy roads.We all place different levels of importance on these various factors when making our purchasing decision.Some factors will be far more important to some people than others – for example, not everyone will require Bluetooth integration.

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