Updating ngage qd

Define a waypoint from main map: First select a calibrated map from the map list. The usable chart size belongs to the ram size of the phone (Nokia 3650 4MB Ram, 6600 8 MB).

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Use the PC Suite to transfer and install this software.

Then in the waypoint menu a new entry is shown - 'Define Waypoint'. Set the current waypoint as new position - this only works in offline GPS mode. It defines a position and when leaving an area of ~ 50 meter an alarm sounds. The border is made point by point in its normal order. If the background color is white this it use as transparency. Sample: 96x32 with text: Geocache|Traditional Cache Geocache|Multi-cache Geocache|Unknown Cache geotoad -f gpx -q coord "N40 45.0, E014 30.0" -y 5 gets all point inside 5 miles around the coords. With this format it's possible handle maps dimensions greater than phone memory.

The last point is connected to the first point, so a final point over the first one is not necessary. The waypoints are imported and from the groundspeak:long_description tag the needed text file is saved. :/Nokia/Others/AFTrack A route can be generated from an old track or by using the import function - this needs a PCX file from a track or a route (*or *- on 3rd generation hardware you may use also *or *.kml). The Ozi Explorer is able to import this file format.

A GPS sentence is send as SMS to the draft by pressing the menu entry. If you running parallel to the log a HTTP report, please activate 'Start HTTP Send' Map view: Toggle between viewing map position, track centered or route centered Waypoint view: gets a text if available Calibration view: toggles between 22 points, 88 points and 1 point moving around The settings for the internet connect you will find in the 'access points' dialog of the general settings.

The parameter for this entries you will get from you carrier. The GPS values are use direct so the map date has to be WGS84. Enter the calibration dialog over the menu, select at least two points on the map and define this points manually or use the current position for it.

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