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Ultimately what Abundant are seeking to do is to provide growers with a product at a significantly lower cost than a picking crew with a quality they are happy with.

Heidi has undertaken research in a range of tree physiology, planting systems, variety evaluation and climate change projects for the apple industry and her current role includes project leader for AP12029 “.Dr Fuentes received his undergraduate degrees from The University of Talca in Chile in 1999 and his Ph D from the University of Western Sydney in 2006.He later did two Postdoctoral Fellowships at The University of Technology in Sydney (Climate Change, elevated CO2 experiments) and The University of Adelaide (Climate Change, Viticulture) He was appointed as Lecturer in Viticulture at The University of Adelaide in September 2008 until August 2012.His current research includes understanding the effects of climate extremes on fruit production, improving resource use efficiency in orchards and investigating innovative production systems to maximise quality of new red-blushed pears.Ian’s additional role in DEDJTR is to manage horticulture research groups at Mildura, Bundoora and Macleod that work on viticulture and wine quality, post-harvest physiology of fruit crops, protected cropping and organic chemistry.

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