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At the Geneva Motor Show, Apple demonstrated Car Play which provides an i OS-like user interface to head units in compatible vehicles.

Once configured by the automaker, QNX can be programmed to handoff its display and certain functionality to an Apple Car Play device.

In the case of QNX, the use of a microkernel allows users (developers) to turn off any functionality they do not require without having to change the OS itself; instead, those servers will simply not run.

Mishandling of this subtle issue is a primary reason for the disappointing performance of some other microkernel systems such as early versions of Mach.Prior to this acquisition, QNX software was already widely used in the automotive industry for telematics systems.Since the purchase by Harman, QNX software has been designed into over 200 different automobile makes and models — not only in telematics systems but in infotainment and navigation units as well.QNX offers a license for non-commercial and academic users.The Black Berry Play Book tablet computer designed by Black Berry uses a version of QNX as the primary operating system.

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