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Even e Bay is a well-trusted source of great pens at great prices.

Don’t let the stigma of online shopping prevent you from buying a great pen off there, but do take some caution before shopping with a retailer you’ve never dealt with before.

You think that because Mont Blancs are Mont Blancs and they cost 0 they never break, never leak, and always write heavenly smooth? In fact, one of my local pen stores has a huge bucket filled with broken Mont Blanc pen parts that came off pens that were simply unsalvageable.

That certainly doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the brand.

For: Those that want a no fuss pen that looks brilliant and writes like a champ This pen is so incredible I could write several articles on it.Take, for example, the numerous LE Visconti fountain pens that seem to come out every week and come encased in boxes made from fine cedar and gold leaf.Do you think they write better than your regular Visconti? Seriously, brand does not matter for the most part.I imagine you’d like to be in the same situation, having a pen that writes when you want it, looks fantastic in your hand or your pocket, and that would make you think twice before handing it over to someone else to use.Oh of course it is going to cost a bit to get that perfect pen, but if you think around 0 would do it, you’re looking at it all wrong.

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