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Kang Kyung-joon (Shin Won-ho) a troubled transferred student from USA, one of ...

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Min Shik(Seong Woo Bae) the leader and brains of Cyrano Agency that was once a theatre, Ah Rang(Yoon Woo Jo) a live high school student and Min gyo Kim(Yong dal) the silent teen behind the tech.The agency bears the name of our family because we are open to our clients and have nothing to hide.We can help you meet attractive and family oriented Ukrainian women from Kharkov who are open to an idea of moving abroad.We also post HD quality full size videos of the ladies in their profiles; - we respect our potential and existing clients and we are willing to give you prompt answers to any questions you might have.If you send us a letter and do not hear back from us it means that we HAVE NOT received your letter.

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