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Her Super Bowl performance of “Formation,” which was assessed, discussed and debated ad nauseam, primed us (but we weren’t ready tho) for her 0 million tour and grand, visual, surprise album, , a soaring love letter to and for black women and girls. In 2016, the multiplatinum artist launched a sportswear line and a world tour and released her second visual album.

One can never tire of using biblical allusions for “King James” because his story is so epic.

Or when you drop a surprise album and the cultural conversation immediately shifts.

But more than towering over music, fashion, conversation and vernacular (see: “flawless,” “watta-melon,” “Becky,” “surfbort”), Beyoncé has gracefully metamorphosed into her grown black womanness, armed with outsize talent, synergistic business acumen and an unsparing critique of the current state of things.

Kaepernick’s action has set off a wave of solidarity from athletes all over the country—from junior high school students to professional competitors in other sports.

We like our stage stars to be wildly melodramatic — and from the first note Sheridan exploded like a gallon of emotional TNT dynamite overflowing from a champagne bottle.Rating: Actor Peter Davison, a man who can wield a compliment like a blunt instrument, remarked in his auto-biography that, for all actress and singer Sheridan Smith’s exceptional talent, ‘I wouldn’t claim to be a friend of hers.I couldn’t keep it up.’During their West End run in Legally Blonde, eight years ago, Davison was often sent to coax his co-star out of her dressing room after a fit of blue funk. Chatting to compere Alexander Armstrong in her glitzy one-off musical spectacular Sheridan (ITV), the actress admitted she was ‘a handful’.With a winning combo of boyish exuberance, laser focus and a wicked jump shot, the relentless competitor suffered a surprising team loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, but the playful family man and all-around good guy is still golden. The Golden State Warriors point guard in May became the NBA's first unanimous MVP in winning the award for a second consecutive season. He passionately prepped for the part, read for the part and repeatedly texted the director to tell him that he wanted the part.When he got it, he rapped and danced Aaron Burr better than Aaron Burr could have rapped and danced himself.

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