Who is seal dating

you have identified two of seals as mike mcdonald and richard cyrus. the two brothers were big men on our high school campus.. "mens' men." my hope is that you would possibly update the picture and include mike's name.i can verify that the seal standing on the far right with the beard is michael f. also, if you have any knowledge or information regarding mike when he was in the seals i would be appreciative if you would email me. riojas for your service to our country, and to your on going activity with your navy seal family. Boink, Thrift, Patches, Nelson, Doc Hammer, Leasure, Lewis, Slater, Fellers, Hyde, Porter, and Duke Leonard. me, Lewis and slater, Joe Silva, Jerry Waters, Dick Cyrus, Denny Johnson, Danny Sprenkle, Mike Mc Donald 6 th plt.It was suggested that as platoon LPO I take the op,, I flat turned it down because of Gene Tinnen and Curtis Williams,,, our J. The rest is too painful vto talk abour,, But peapol ask, "How Are you ???I always reply,,"Glad to be alive"ses Marquez Kilo Plt Sea Float, 69..

I'mv looking on my past e-mails for your posting address,, I'm sending you a CD,, Go off by yourself and listen to it,, Try not to cry; Doc; Not sure who the diver on the safety line is, although I took the photo while using a diesel boats services to conduct lock in and outs for FNG's,, I was SM!

The UDTs began training in June 1943 in preparation for the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France. I used to tell people that 'N' stood for 'nothing.'" Tarbox graduated from high school in 1953 and from the University of Colorado in 1957 with a bachelor of arts in geography.

Their efforts were originally focused on demolitions and mine disposal. He then enrolled in Naval Officer Candidate School in Newport, R. At the time there were no careers in UDT, so he left and went back to the University of Colorado and started studying to become a journalist.

then and in the DV locker ST-1, At the time I was running the show... Hoo Yah, Deep Diving" DEEP DIVING DIECKS From: Bob Diecks To: Tom Frank Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2015 Subject: Photograph Frank; Hope all came thru and right side up..

The last one is for you,,, I've many more,, I guess the little 16 mm camra I used to carry on my dog tag chain paid off in the end...

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