Who is sissy spacek dating

Let's start with the locker-room scene: How did you get away with not being naked?

Personally, my mission was, you know, this was my first movie and I didn’t want my parents to see me nude, so I had a towel on. [] What sort of mental state was Sissy Spacek in that day?

I think Brian’s work [insofar as the actors were concerned] was done once the casting was done. ” He says, “Yeah, wear the hat.” It was weird, he liked the hat.

I was wearing overalls and a striped T-shirt — I was looking very tomboyish — and this hat with the pins on it.

What was your initial reaction to the Carrie remake?

Well, just the initial reaction of, Oh my gosh, why would they try to remake Carrie?

Because she had kind of an odd look with that curly hair and the piercing blue eyes.

Yeah, Nancy and I are still really, really good friends. I was always trying to steer her away from having a crush on Brian. And got divorced [aughs.] But I tried to warn her, I said, “Why are you doing this?She obviously had to get into a certain brain space to play this character.I think it was the first or second day, Sissy came over to a group of us, maybe at lunch, I don’t remember, and said, “I love you guys, we’re going to have a great shoot, I’m very excited to be working on this.It’s going to be incredibly modern is all I can think of.But how you can ever think that you’re going to get a better performance than Sissy as Carrie and Piper Laurie as that totally deranged mother — I mean, that performance just looms large as one of the scariest-women-on-the-planet-ever roles [Laughs.] Who were you closest with on set?

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