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Connecticut’s Steve Tefft, wearing a ribbon in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, officially won the second season of the reality competition Tuesday night — after leaving his mark with a breathtaking full-back black-and-gray horror piece that wowed both the judges and the voting public.

“Steve was the guy all along, his work kind of spoke for himself, and I’m glad America didn’t vote him off,” judge Chris Nunez told the Daily News.

When I go, I feel comfortable and I’m excited because the end result is that the world is going to see what I’m capable of.” “I’ve been working on a couple of things, so si Dios quiere [God willing], hopefully, everything goes great, and people will see me more on TV.” On balancing being a new mom with being an artist and a businesswoman: “Being a new mom, I have learned that with children there’s no just walking out the door.

Unexpected things happen, and you have to get them taken care of.

INK MASTER--Tatu Baby is getting rocked by Dave Navarro, and Dave Navarro is getting rocked by Chris Nunez, Oliver Peck is just kickin back watching...

There's no way she can screw up every time and still be in it to win it.. I keep rationalizing why they are keeping Tatu Baby around, and I keep getting disappointed.

Her tattoos make me furious, and I already decided last season that she was blowing Dave Navarro and Chris Nunez in order to keep her spot on the show. She's in the finale, and I can only rationalize it thusly: The producers don't want her back next season as well, so they let her in the finale so that people can't vote for her to come back again, knowing that stupid people with stupid tattoos will vote for her like last time.

" cameras were rolling and we're just now getting to see their split play out on the VH1 reality TV series.

After a consult with Tatu Baby for the tattoo, Ceaser admits that this the end of an era and it's a huge deal to have the former "Ink Master" contestant giving him ink.Things got a little weird when a waitress asked if the pair were out on a date.Previously they had billed the outing as Tatu Baby just showing Ceaser around but the perma-grin on his face was proof enough that the pair were doing more than hanging out.Tatu Baby isn't shy when it comes to her looks and admits to having used her sex appeal to her advantage, BUT don't judge this book by its cover, she's got the talent to back her up.She became interested in tattoos after getting her first ink at the age of fourteen.

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