Who is ville valo currently dating

Hellraising rocker VILLE VALO was reportedly arrested in his native Finland earlier this month (FEB06) after allegedly threatening to kill his neighbour and resisting arrest.According to newspaper Iltalehti the HIM frontman was taken...

The 30-year-old rocker was given a black eye by his former partner and suffered...Finnish rocker VILLE VALO is so terrified of sexually predatory groupies, he sometimes wishes he is gay.The HIM frontman is stunned by how forward and liberated female fans are. HIM frontman VILLE VALO has slammed his band's detractors as macho chauvinists living in the past.Finnish rocker VILLE VALO is so scared of contracting a lethal disease through sharing microphones with other musicians - he has a blood test every six months. Rocker VILLE VALO has hit out at a smoking ban in his native Finland, branding the policy "c**ty".The Him frontman is disappointed by the government's decision to bar smoking in public places - including...

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