Woodland hills dating

There is a circular path with views over the Colne Valley to the north.A small, young area of woodland within an Environmentally Sensitive Area, being surrounded on three sides by an SSSI and Great Holland Pits Nature Reserve, with excellent views across the Holland Marshes.

A thriving deer population has hindered recent attempts to reintroduce this traditional practice.

20km of unsurfaced paths provide access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders but can be muddy and slippery after rain. Friday Woods is a nature reserve/army training area located on Bounstead Road in Colchester.

Part of the Roman River Site of Special Scientific Interest, it is an ancient woodland, modified in places by plantations of conifers and sweet chestnut.

They were converted to ferrous sulphate which was an essential chemical for making dyes and inks.) Along with Lingwood Common, Danbury Common forms the second largest area of Open Access commonland in Essex after Epping Forest.

Parts remain a traditional open common, while elsewhere the land has been allowed to revert to scrub and woodland.

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