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Clueless And when India's usually benign tabloids splashed grainy mobile phone pictures of a Bollywood couple - they were dating at that time - allegedly kissing some years ago, the star diva fretted and fumed and began legal proceedings against the paper.

Even marriage sometimes doesn't give you the licence to smooch - an Israeli couple was fined by a court for kissing after getting married in a Hindu ceremony in Rajasthan. For clues to why Indians appear to be clueless about kissing, listen to a model-actress Udita Goswami.

- threw out the case against a young, married couple who were picked up by police allegedly for kissing near a railway station.

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Others say it is a hangover from tradition in an ancient civilisation.

You may even say why do Indians scoff at live-in relationships, why do they wear saris but not shorts etc. If tomorrow say another country allows nudity in public, will you begin to wonder about the same why it is not being allowed in India?

There are so many other issues that Westerners engage in which would puzzle Indians - that does not mean Indians expect all Western people should abandon their views and adopt Indian views. Anonymous, USA I'm from Liberia, West Africa and I grew up watching Indian movies.

And, as a friend quips, "When we do kiss, we don't tell". They are probably just jealous that no girl has ever kissed them. How is it that our traditions include the Kama Sutra, and historic monuments with graphic murals spread all over the place, is the same country that now seems to have the most Victorian of values now? I think your article assumes that "kissing is good and it must be allowed" by your remarks supporting some scriptures that allow kissing, "Indians are clueless", "hypocritical morality" etc.

Rajen U Desai, USA Indians have kissed for as long as any other people. I don't think it is good to have a public show of kissing - imagine if children start adopting such measures!!

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