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How to switch on the light theme for Xbox One The Xbox One's Game DVR has received some significant improvements as a part of this Xbox fall update, affecting almost every aspect of the integrated gameplay capture software.The biggest of these is a bump from 720p resolution to 1080p resolution for in-game clips, giving the users the choice to record in higher quality across all Xbox One games.Furthermore, the Xbox fall update lays the foundations for upcoming Xbox One X, with several new tools to help users seamlessly upgrade from existing devices.Not only can games, apps and other data be swiftly transferred – users can now begin to download "Xbox One X Enhanced" games to save time on launch day.While moving between consoles was tedious in the past, several new features allow for bulk content transfers both locally and over a network.

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This update also gives users the ability to change the location for Game DVR recordings, to take advantage of external drives.

The Xbox fall update is available now to the public – here's everything that's changed on your Xbox One console.

After several months of testing via the Xbox Insider Program, Microsoft has released the fall update to Xbox One consoles worldwide.

Although still in its early days, the concept of modular content blocks is already showing promise.

With the ability to pin content feeds for certain titles or track your closest friends, the Home menu now condenses key information into an easily-accessible location.

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