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The only thing that kept me interested was Bolt Crank's character who remains a mystery till the end.

His motivations were unclear which I found more intriguing than irritating. While watching the show, I listened to only a few seconds before skipping over the opening and ending themes, but I tend to do that with all my anime shows, unless the themes really catch my attention.

If you're expecting epic plotlines, you will be disappointed--each episode or group of episodes is a "day in the life" of the mercenary Bolt Crank, with no overall story arc.

However, the standalones are quite good, and reveal a little bit more about Bolt's character each time.

He roams a world much like Earth in the not-too-distant future, going from assignment to dubious assignment.

In "Bye Bye Aimie," Bolt clashes with a voluptuous police detective investigating the murders of several prominent scientists.

The show is made of short story arcs, ranging from mildly entertaining to downright ridiculous or boring.

Eatman 98 is not philosophical and thought-provoking high entertainment, but it IS entertaining. Eat Man 98 has incredible animation, a fun soundtrack, and pretty good stories.What did bother me was the fact that on ep 2 and 10 there is static on the top and bottom of the screen when it switches scenes.The storyline is interesting but not captivating, I would say it is decent for the price, but I would only say it is standard anime.I bought Eat-Man '98 for ($) and I thought it was a good buy for that amount of money.You get 5 hours of episodes and there are some good ones mixed in there.

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