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Sharing meals is a big part of being in a romantic relationship with someone, and it looks like expressing an interest in food is one of the most attractive things a person can do when online dating.

Food is sexy, and mentioning certain specific foods can get a person a ton more responses on an online dating site.

After guacamole, the next most attractive foods are potatoes and chocolate.

If owning a gun isn’t a dealbreaker, why do I swipe left on men who include images of themselves with firearms in their dating profiles?

I asked Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Match and Hinge whether they kept data on such profiles, and none had any they could share.

The ubiquity of the gun photo differs depending on where you’re swiping.

Zoosk says yams are the most unattractive food by far.

I don't know what delicious, starchy yams ever did to anybody, but mentioning yams in an online dating profile decreases incoming messages by 70 percent.

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